PlayMaker Pro Features

What Can You Create with PlayMaker Pro ?

Most coaches purchase PlayMaker Pro to create their playbook. Along the way, they discover they can use it for a lot of things. Handouts are very similar to playbook pages. Drill cards are just plays drawn large, printed in the landscape page format.

  • Playbooks
  • Handouts
  • Drill cards
  • Presentations
  • Animations

PlayMaker Pro documents can have one or more pages. A document can be Portrait or Landscape in orientation. Portrait documents are oriented up and down like a piece of paper and work well for playbooks and handouts. Landscape documents are oriented horizontally like a wide screen TV and work well for drill cards and presentations.

PlayMaker Pro can do slide show presentations. It can cover your computer display with a plain white window and display your drawings centered in that window. You can draw plays in color and give presentations from your computer display. Use a projector with your computer and you can give team presentations. Use PlayMaker Pro on your iPad for team presentations.

You can animate a play for your presentation. Each player symbol follows the route that starts near them.

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You can also display QuickTime movies in a presentation. You can create a presentation that incorporates word charts, play drawings, animated plays, and QuickTime videos of plays.

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What Can You Draw ?

PlayMaker Pro enables you to create PlayMaker documents, where each document contains one or more pages, and you can draw one or more plays on each page. You can create as many documents, pages, and plays as you want. You start out with a blank page, (approximately 8 inches X 10 inches) and get to lay it out however you like. You have total creative freedom.

PlayMaker Pro lets you create and manipulate 4 types of objects on a page, including:

1. Sets of Player Symbols
2. Lines
3. Boxes
4. Text

Everything you draw with PlayMaker is just a combination of players, lines, boxes, and text. There are a wide variety of options you can use for each player symbol, line, box, or piece of text. Lines are drawn to depict routes, blocks and passes. Boxes can be filled with dividers, football fields, basketball courts, hockey rinks or soccer fields.

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PlayMaker Pro Player Symbols

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PlayMaker Pro Line Styles

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PlayMaker Pro Dividers

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Productivity Functions

PlayMaker Pro has a variety of functions to help you be more productive while building your drawings. Using PlayMaker Pro's Library, you can create templates for page layouts, formations or individual plays to build document pages faster. You can duplicate and reverse a play to create the mirror image play in seconds.

  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Duplicate
  • Select All, Select Players, Select Players and Lines
  • Enlarge / Reduce a Play
  • Reverse Play about Center, Flip Play
  • Template Library for Common Drawing Elements
  • Several Alignment Functions
  • Export JPEGs, PNGs, BMPs for Hudl Presentations
  • Print Pages and Documents

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