GDL Network - Router - Linksys

Game Data Live users can utilize WiFi to share play data, photos and video. You can do this from one iPad to another. You can also provide your own WiFi Router to go faster and farther. Game Data Live does not use the Internet. Within a press box at a game with lots of cell phones around, you'll likely need a router to network Game Data Live users.

Our example Router is a LINKSYS EA-6900.

Game Data Live Router Ports

To make contact with a Linksys smart WiFi router from your desktop computer, connect them together with a network cable and enter "" into your browser's network address. That should take you to the router's Sign In screen.

Just like the router you probably have at home, you'll use a system adminstrator user name and password when you configure the router. The user name often defaults to "admin" with a default password of "admin".

After logging into the Router, the first thing you should do is change the Router's password. You'll find that under the "Connectivity" button on a LINKSYS EA-6900.

We like to use 5 GHz WiFi. It provides better throughput than 2.4 GHz WiFi. 5 GHz WiFi channels don't overlap like they do with 2.4 GHz WiFi. We also turn on password security to keep unauthorized users out. Our typical router WiFi setup looks like this:

We name our WiFi access starting with the letter "Z" so it will show up at the bottom of a cell phone's WiFi list.

We password protect it to keep cell phone users out.

With Network Mode you can choose to provide access to Wireless N devices, Wireless AC devices or both. You can check our hardware page to see what your devices support. If all of our devices support 802.11 AC, then you should choose Wireless AC Only. That helps to block Wireless N cell phones from trying to connect. Wireless AC Only also enables an 80 MHz channel width (faster).

For short range - we set the Channel Width wide to 40 MHz (or 80 MHz for 802.11 AC). That setting provides faster performance but shorter range. If you want to go farther - set the Channel Width to 20 MHz.

For additional security, we use a feature called MAC Address Filtering. Every wireless device has a unique identifier called its MAC Address. You can find the MAC Address for your iPad or iPhone by checking Settings / General / About. This router lets you provide a list of MAC Addresses for the devices that it should allow access to: