GDL Network - Server - Linksys Router

Using an FTP Server from a LINKSYS Router

Game Data Live can utilize a file server to improve performance and make your Game Data Live network more robust. An inexpensive way to create a server is with a wireless router that supports sharing of a hard drive. This shared hard drive often uses a standard file sharing protocol called File Transport Protocol or FTP. We use a USB-3.0 flash drive instead of a hard drive (its small, fast and inexpensive).

Our example Router is a LINKSYS EA-6900. It has a USB 3.0 port on the back with a blue tab in the port. You will plug in your flash drive there.

Game Data Live Router Ports

We have successfully used flash drives with the MS-DOS (FAT32) format and Mac OS Extended (journaled) format. Your flash drive should have a name like "Lexar" or "GDLVIDEO". You can use upper and lower case and even add a space if you want.

We have successfully used USB 3.0 flash drives from Lexar (models P10 and S-73). We have also used a slow USB 2.0 flash drive from Toshiba. The USB 3.0 interface is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. You should be able to get a moderately fast USB 3.0 flash drive for under $20. 16 Gigabytes capacity should be plenty.

Game Data Live Lexar P20Game Data Live Lexar S73

With a web browser, you can access a smart LINKSYS router at - enter your password and view the router's management screen. To setup a shared hard drive - click or tap on "USB Storage". A USB Storage window should appear including the following info:

Game Data Live Add Flash Drive

Insert your Flash Drive Now !

Click on the Refresh button to get started. The USB Storage Window then should look like:

Game Data Live Get FTP Address

If your FTP Server is not on - you can turn it on under the FTP Server tab.

You can see that your FTP server can be accessed at in this case. You might write that down somewhere.

Next - you need to set up permission to access the server. Click or tap on the Folder Access tab and it should look as follows:

Game Data Live Add Server Share Point

Click on the blue text - Show all shares - to define a share point.

Game Data Live Add FullDisk Share

Click in the blue text - Create new share

Game Data Live Define FullDisk Share

First click in the Share entire storage device check box to add a check there, and then add a name in the Share name space (its FULLDISK in this example). Then click on the Ok button.

Game Data Live Add Server User

In the Authorized users: area, add a user name, a password and then click on Select share:

Game Data Live Set New User Share

Click in the checkbox for FULLDISK, Click on the Ok button.

Then click on the Add User button.

Game Data Live Finish New User

You should see your new user in the Authorized users: list. Then click on the Ok button.

You can test your server by entering the address into a browser ( You should get prompted for your username and password and if its working, you'll see a window with the FULLDISK folder in it.

In Game Data Live, open a game and in the action menu in the upper right corner choose "GDL Network Settings" and then choose "Use FTP Server". Game Data Live is able to use an FTP server or a HTTP WebDAV server.

In Game Data Live, in the action menu in the upper right corner choose "GDL Network Settings" and then choose "Server Setup". For this example, that setup should be configured as follows:

Tap on Continue.

In that same action menu from the upper right corner, choose "GDL Network Settings" and then flip the Transmit Using Server button to the On position.

Video transfers should now be using the FTP Server when you transmit them. You'll notice that the sending iPad uploads to the server and then the receiving iPad downloads from the server. They both do not transmit simultaneously. The sending device also sends the server setup info to the receiver, so you should not have to configure the receiver.

A Game Data Live device capturing video should be able to transmit its file twice as fast now. The receiving device should see similar speed gains.