Game Data Live - Game Controllers

steelseries Nimbus Game Controller Setup

Game Data Live for Macintosh and iOS support the use of a game controller to control video playback. A game controller may help you speed up video review with your players. You can watch video in forward and reverse at normal speed, double speed, half speed and frame by frame using a game controller. Once you get comfortable using a game controller, you can look at the same screen your players are looking at while you watch video.

We have tested using the "Nimbus" game controller manufactured by "steelseries". Their controller is often sold for use with an Apple TV. It is also compatible with Macintosh computers, iPads and iPhones.

You will use the Bluetooth System Preference to pair the Nimbus controller to your Macintosh. System Preferences can be found under the Apple menu. iPad users can pair the Numbus controller using the Bluetooth item in Settings.

The cross shaped pad on the left can help you navigate to the Next Play (down), Previous Play (up), Next Clip (right) and Previous Clip (left).

The A button toggles full screen video. The Menu button will also get you in or out of full screen video.

The X button rewinds to the beginning of a clip.

The B button fast forwards to the end of a clip.

The right button on the front works like the space bar (Play / Pause).

The left button on the front plays the video in reverse.

The left joystick plays at double speed forward (push it right) and double speed in reverse (push it left).

The right joystick plays at half speed forward (push it right) and half speed in reverse (push it left).

The front triggers play at one tenth speed forward (right trigger) and one tenth speed in reverse (left trigger).

Game Data Live uses Apple's Game Controller interface to communicate with the game controllers. You may be able to get game controllers from other manufacturers to work as well.