Game Data Live Features & Scenarios

Game Data Live does not use the Internet. No Internet access needed. No Annual Fees.

Game Data Live Feature List

With Game Data Live, you can create and store multiple games within multiple seasons.

Play Data Collection and Reporting

Enter Data on an iPad or Macintosh for up to 24 data items - 21 can be uploaded to Hudl

Includes 6 custom fields that could include Formation, Play, Off Play, Off Form, Def Front, Coverage, Blitz, etc.

Enter Data on an iPhone for up to 8 data items - can be uploaded to Hudl

Uses scrolling lists to enter all live data really fast

iPad and Macintosh Reports include Game Stats, QB Stats, Ball Carrier Stats, 9 Tendency Reports per team

Play Photos

1 per play using iPad / iPhone camera

Play Video

6 Video Formats (including 720p HD) with or without Audio using iPad / iPhone camera

Camera Options include Smooth Auto Focus, Far Focus, Low Light Mode, Video Stabilization, Exposure Lock.

6 Video Formats (including 720p HD) using Macintosh and an HDMI framegrabber.

Sync with Photos App Videos

Multiple Videos per play are tagged and sorted as Wide, Tight, Rover or Other

View Video in slow motion with informative play list or at full screen width

Optional Networking

To Share data, photos and video with up to 8 iPads / iPhones, requires iOS 7 or newer

Uses Customer Supplied WiFi Nework

WiFi Router used for personel in the pressbox

Directional Access Point used to send focused signal to the side line.

Additional Access Points can be added to increase capacity, reliability and speed

Optional Network Server

Enables faster video transmissions, sending video to multiple receivers, enhanced recovery from disconnects and easier video uploads to Hudl

Uses File Transfer Protocol server which can be inplemented with a flash drive in the router or using a laptop computer with FTP server software (inexpensive). Apple Mac OS Server lets you use your Macintosh as an FTP server for $20. Mac OS Server works especially well with Game Data Live for Macintosh.


Game Data Live can be used in many scenarios. You can implement a little or a lot. You can start out simple and move up to complex when you're ready. Implementation is flexible.

Gather Lots of Play Data Fast

A team statistician can use Game Data Live to gather play data. With the iPad's touch interface and scrolling lists for data entry, you can enter a lot of data fast. The data can be imported into Hudl after the game. You can enter a little data or up to 24 variables per play. The Hudl export can include 21. Stats and Scouting Reports can be viewed or transmitted as PDFs by email or AirDroped to coaches or the media. You'll be surprised how fast data entry is.

Several Game Data Live customers gathered data in 2014 including an Arizona state champ.

That Arizona state champ is still gathering data in 2015 and is now a repeat state champ.

In 2016, they gathered data with Game Data Live and played in the state championship game.

View - Data Entry - Demonstration Video

View Video at Half Time

Use the iPad's camera or an MPEG-4 camcorder to capture video. Sync the statistician's data to video. Plays are identified by the play data so you can find and view significant plays fast.

In 2014, Saline High School in Michigan gathered play data during the first half, plugged a camcorder's SD card into their iPad, started importing MPEG-4 video into the iPad's Photos app, walked to the locker room, synced the video with their Game Data Live game and started viewing with a projector in 4 minutes.

View - Half Time Video - Demonstration Video

View Video on the Side Line

One person can shoot video, enter Team, Quarter, Down, Distance, Run/Pass/Kick and play results and then transport that iPad to the sideline after a possession change. Coaches and players review, make corrections and adjustments. We call this SneakerNet.

View - Single iPad - Demonstration Video

Use a Network in the Pressbox

The statistician and video shooter combine their efforts using Game Data Live Network. The data and video combine automatically in the video shooter's iPad. Transport the video iPad to the sideline after a possession change. When you return to the press box, reconnect to the network and refresh the play data to catch up. The coach on the sideline sees a play list for the entire game and can easily find plays from the last possession.

View - 2 iPads + WiFi - Demonstration Video

In 2014, a high school in Michigan did this all the way to the state championship game. JV coaches and players operated their SneakerNet. Their head coach reviewed offensive plays between live defensive plays all season long. Works in complex venues (everywhere).

In 2015, a Kansas City high school team shot HD video from the roof of their press box and shared it with two coaches inside the press box. Their network consisted of a WiFi router and a flash drive. Their video was delivered in about 6 seconds after a play finished.

Expand The Network to the Sideline

Use a high performance network to share your play data and video in the press box and on the sideline. You can use a WiFi router, a network server, ethernet cable, and access points to make your network fast, reliable and robust.

A Utah HS team reviewed plays on a TV behind their bench with Game Data Live in 2014. In 2015 they watched HD video on their TV at home and away games. Their network consists of a router, flash drive and a directional access point.

Video Review on the Sideline

The Saline High School football team in Saline Michigan used their WiFi network to transmit HD video to coaches in all 11 games of their 2015 season. At home, they provide HD video to two iPads in the press box along with two iPads on the sideline, one of which is connected to a television. At away games, they provided HD video to a coach in the press box and iPads on the sideline across the field.

In 2016 Saline had 4 iPads in the pressbox, one in the endzone and two on the sideline. One iPad in the pressbox captured video (wide) while the endzone iPad provided a 2nd video angle (tight). They upgraded their iPads to iPad Air IIs and improved their network speed and reliability.

View Practice Video Fast

Need a device to view your MPEG-4 practice video ? Import it into your iPad. Watch it with Game Data Live. Connect your iPad to a TV or projector and control the playback from Game Data Live including slow motion.

No waiting for compressing, uploading, buffering, etc. Watch original quality video in minutes.

Great for Youth Football

Game Data Live might be all that you need.