Game Data Live Network - Server

Using an FTP Server

Game Data Live can utilize a File Transfer Protocol server to improve performance and make your Game Data Live network more robust. When you transfer video from one iPad to another, both ends of that transfer use wireless communications. When you use a FTP server, the sending iPad transfers the file to the server and then sends a message to the receiving iPad to get the video from the server. The FTP server is wired to your router which makes both transfers more efficient. Benefits of using an FTP server include:

  1. Faster video file transfers. This enables you to use higher quality video formats.

  2. One sending iPad can transfer a video file to multiple receiving iPads.

  3. Refreshing a game can include links to server based video files - If you lose your WiFi connection, you can refresh your data and download the video files you missed.

Using just a router with a flash drive nearly doubles file transfer speed. To transfer a video from one iPad to another takes two transfers, so the total transfer takes about the same time, but the sending iPad is done in half that time.

Setting this up will take some effort. The equipment needed can be cheap. The three benefits listed above are definitely worth the effort. We have tested with the following FTP servers.

  1. A Router that can share a disk drive. We used a USB-3.0 flash drive that you can purchase for under $20. We have done this with a Linksys WRT-1900 router and a Linksys EA-6900 router.

  2. A Macintosh computer running an old version of Mac OS X which can Share Files and Folders using FTP and provides Web Sharing for Free.

  3. A Macintosh computer running a current version of Mac OS X Server. Upgrading your Mac OS X to Mac OS X Server costs $20. This is the most complex of the three solutions. It works particularly well with a Mac laptop equipped with a solid state hard drive. If that Mac is also running Game Data Live, it can use standard file copies instead of FTP transfers to exchange files with the server very fast.

Video file transfers using a Macintosh based FTP server can be 1 second faster than a router with a flash drive. 720P Video uploads from an iPad Air II to a Mac based server can complete in less than 2 seconds.