Game Data Live Video

With Game Data Live - you can take a video of a play for later review. You can shoot video with the iPad or iPhone's camera. Game Data Live provides many Apple preset formats for video recording including:

4 X 3 Formats

Medium Quality - 480 x 360 pixels - suitable for WiFi transfer.

640 x 480 - looks slightly better than Medium. (4 X Medium in size).

16 X 9 Formats

720p - 1280 x 720 pixels - works great with Strong WiFi (13 X Medium in size).

1080p - 1920 x 1080 pixels (23 times Medium in size)

High Quality - usually 1920 x 1080 pixels - (23 X Medium in size)
used by Photos and Messages

960 x 540 iFrame video - scrubbs to any frame within a clip, (38 X Medium in size)

1280 x 720 iFrame video - also scrubbs well (51 X Medium in size)

Settings are provided that enable video stabilization, smooth autofocus, low light mode and far sighted focus. Not all iPads / iPhones support all of these optional modes.

If you shoot without smooth autofocus, the focus will be locked once you start recording. Smooth autofocus works well with an iPhone 6. iPads may get better results with locked focus.

Game Data Live iPad Video

Video from MPEG-4 Video cameras can be imported directly into the iPad's Photos app. You can refer to those videos from a Game Data Live game. You can load an entire game in 2 or 3 minutes.

You can use the following adapters from Apple to connect your MPEG-4 camcorder with a USB port or a SDHC card to your iPad. Apple also has a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

Apple iPad Camera Adapterslightning to SD Card adapter

It only takes a couple minutes to import an entire MPEG-4 game into an iPad. Game Data Live can refer to that video and synchronize it with your play data - especially if you set your camcorder's clock to match the iPad's clock. Synchronizing video from the Photos app takes a few seconds. Use the Action menu in a Game to refer to video from the Photos App:

Game Data Live - Photos App Import

Using an external video camera enables one person to enter lots of data while another person shoots the video. You can also easily use a tripod for stability.