Game Data Live - Detailed Data

Detailed data includes basic data plus: Clock, Hash (Left/Middle/Right), Quarterbacks, Ball Carriers, Running Holes, Pass Zones, Return Yards and Penalty Yards. To use the Quarterback and Ball Carrier lists in Detailed data, you will need to provide at least a partial roster for your teams.
The examples below also include a view for 3 custom fields.

Game Data Live detailed data entry appears as shown below. Four views are used to capture all the detailed data for a play. An informative play list is provided so you can access any play in a game instantly. Blue plays are offense, green plays are defense and black plays are special teams so you can spot a series of plays quickly. Green lists are yard lines.

Game Data Live Play Data

Use the Play-Start Customs Run-Pass Play-Finish buttons to switch from one panel to another. You can also swipe sideways in the blank space at the bottom of each panel to switch.

The second view contains three custom lists. You can specify the title and items for each list, just tap on the blue +. The custom fields below are Formation, Play and No Huddle. If these custom fields are titled: Formation, Formations, Off Form, Play, Off Play, Def Front, Blitz, Coverage, Personnel or Motion - they will be exported to Hudl.

Game Data Live Custom Data

The third view contains fields that describe running and passing including a ball carrier, passing zones, running holes and a pass result. Setting a Runnng Hole also sets the Direction. Running Holes export to Hudl as Gaps.

Game Data Live Run / Pass Data

The last view contains lists that show what yard line the play finished on. Gain is calculated automatically. You can designate return yards using the second list of yard lines. Penalty yards are designated using the third list of yard lines. A general play result can be noted. The play result is often determined automatically by the other fields that describe a play.

Game Data Live Finish Data

Game data entry uses lists that you tap on for speedy data entry. Some of the longer lists are scrollable including all four in the Play Finish example above. The keyboard is not used to enter game data.

Carry-Data-Forward creates the next play and sets the Team, Quarter, Down, Ball On, Quarterback, Clock and Hash based on the previous play. Carry-Data-Forward comes from our previous TD Video product and has been optimized for several years.