Game Data Live - Basic Data

Basic Data Includes : Team (O/D/K), Quarter, Down, Yard Line Start (Ball On), Play Type (Run/Pass/Kick), General Result, Pass Result and Yard Line End (after play). Gain is calculated and displayed.

Basic Data is entered using one data entry view as shown below. The green lists are yard lines.

Game Data Live Basic Data

Game data entry uses lists that you tap on for speedy data entry. Some of the longer lists are scrollable including most of the lists in the examples above.The keyboard is not used to enter game data.

An informative play list is provided so you can access any play in a game instantly. Blue plays are offense, green plays are defense and black plays are special teams so you can spot a series of plays quickly.

Carry-Data-Forward creates the next play and sets the Team, Quarter, Down and Ball On based on the previous play.

To enter the basic data for a play, you will tap on Play Type, potentially Pass Result, possibly Result and After Play yard line before tapping on Carry Data Forward. Tapping a Pass Result automatically sets the Play Type to Pass.

You can enter basic play data in 2 or 3 taps plus tapping on Carry-Data-Forward. That leaves you plenty of time to tap on the camera button and shoot a picture or record a video.